Cute And Very Simple Diy Party Ideas For Any Occasion

Whatever event you’re planning to have, it you need to make certain that it will be unforgettable and well-organized. You don’t have to compromise your budget in order to achieve this as there are a few unique diy party ideas you can use in order to make your party successful. All you must do is to unleash your inner artist!

Paper Heart Garland: Paper heart garland is a fantastic decoration for parties since you can make it vibrant through adding some colors and various shapes in it. You won’t even have to fret about the materials to use. Herewith that, listed below are the items you need to do. Get a die cutting machine and cut out 30 shapes, or maybe more if you want. After cutting, attach the shapes in a long piece of colored twine through the help of any adhesive that you’ve got. And add your preferred accessories.

Embossed Gift Tags: A very simple embossed gift tag will add a unique touch to any gift you plan on giving like a bottle of wine or gift basket. It’s easily done because you only need to die cut shapes and punch it out making use of your die cutting machine, and then you can begin embossing it with your preferred patterns. Make it much more memorable by making a lovely note for your family member utilizing your embossed tag. Besides that, you can also use this technique to make place cards for your dinner tables in order to make it much more interesting. You can switch the gift tag for a square with your personalized embossed pattern.

Easy Party Favors: This is a wonderful accessory that could be filled with loads of party treats depending on your party. All you need to do is to die cut a box shape and decorate it with a patterned paper or cardstock. This can be very fantastic in birthday celebrations and baby showers. It will be wonderful if you already have a pillow box shape made. A very simple box shape will do the trick too. With the help of a die cutting machine making these are made simpler. You just need to punch out your box shape, fold it along the score lines, place a glue in it and decorate it to your heart’s content. You can fill it with small treats and candies for baby showers or birthday celebrations. These are party favors that your guests will truly adore taking home with them.

Custom Paper Drinking Straws: This DIY party idea is really cute and perfect for a little girl’s birthday party or a brunch with the gals (or you can quickly switch this up to fit whatever party, though). Get some colorful paper straws, and mason jars from suppliers available. You don’t have to worry as there are lots of affordable options you can choose which are available online. If you like to uplift the appeal of your beverages, you can make a design to match the type of beverage you serve. For instance, cut lemon shapes for lemonade or cherry shapes in case your drinks are fruit-punch. This will ensure that your glasses will be unique and cute.

I truly wish for you to test these DIY party ideas as they are very perfect for celebrations. It’s the perfect time to have your crafting minds on.

What You Need To Learn About The Magnificent Sizzix Vagabond Machine Made By Tim Holtz

One of the die-cutting machine that is making a huge name in the manufacturing industry is the Vagabond cutting machine by Sizzix. It has one of a kind look where it resembles a worn-out leather suitcase, and it has a complete set of stickers for customization. By simply looking at its appearance, it will provide you an impression that the Sizzix Vagabond can very easily match to any craft room. This little machine may seem rugged on the outside, but it matches up its design with utmost functionality that’s superior to other machines you could find in the market.

Inside the box comes the device itself together with some accessories just like the set of stickers to personalize the Vagabond, a set of standard cutting pads, a solo platform and a solo shim (great for deep embossing). Although it is motorized, this die-cutter is portable; making it easier for the owner to bring it anyplace. This machine weighs around 14 pounds, making this “suitcase” durable. Besides that, it is capable of housing all the accessories inside an organized manner, and there’s a little compartment on the side exactly where the cable is kept.

The Vagabond is definitely a good addition to a crafter’s tool box. To get started with your crafts, you only need to press the release button. Tim Holtz went all out when coming up with the style of this machine. He stated that he really wants to make this die cutting machine the best among other die cutting machines which include the other devices in the Sizzix line. Consequently, he were able to make the Vagabond successfully. This compact machine can certainly cut through hard and hard materials like Grungeboard, metal, and even canvas as if it’s just like cutting a bar of cheese. The capacity to cut through hard materials is the overall edge of this machine compared to others.

One great feature that many newbies can appreciate is the printed guidelines on both the shim as well as the platform. The instructions indicate what precisely to do and what exactly materials you must use. So instead of rummaging through the boring pages of an instruction report, you may directly use the machine straight away. When you have read the printed directions on the shim, you can turn on the machine and start making crafts.

The motor button which have a forward and reverse switch is found on the side of the handle bar. This is the best die-cutting machine you could have to finish your crafting projects rapidly.

Buying a solid die-cutting machine is a smart move for any crafter who has an interest for what precisely they do, especially if you don’t own one already. The Sizzix Vagabond can be very suitable for beginners, and can also make a great addition to a crafter’s toolbox. So if you are trying to find the very best die cutting machine that’s user friendly and very portable, check out the Sizzix Vagabond die-cutting machine by Tim Holtz.

Use Sizzix Big Shot For Diy Crafts

Are you thinking of a great yet budget-friendly activity throughout your extra moments? Then, be among a lot of people who are into diy crafts step by step. Even if you’re not interested in traditional crafting projects such as scrapbooking or quilting, finding out how to make your birthday and holiday cards, party invitations, or perhaps your jewelry is a really useful, not to mention fun, hobby to have. DIY crafting is all about looking for a project that you’re really considering creating and doing it yourself.

The Sizzix Big Shot is one essential machine that you should have in every DIY craft you create. A die-cutting machine is something that you’re going to need so as to accomplish all your planned projects. As this tool has many dies you can be assured that you’ll be able to do a lot of DIY activities making use of it.

Listed here are samples of simple yet enjoyable Big Shot DIY crafts that are truly worth trying.

Gift Tags and Party Envelopes

If you’re planning to host an occasion or to give out gifts this holiday season, then making these envelopes will be ideal.

All you need to do is to die-cut a patterned-type paper, you can also make use of cardstock, with the use of Sizzix Big Die in the Envelope & Tag, Mini shape. Afterwards, fold it based on the creased lines to get the finish product. Placed the tags within the envelopes you made and make your imagination work by means of decorating them the way you would like. If you wish, you may also thread a piece of colored twine or tie a bow by means of piercing a hole at the top part of the envelop.


This DIY matchbox treat holder is a sweet approach to deliver goodies, and you can use any color design you wish to match no matter what season. For Christmas, utilize colors like green and red; and black and orange for Halloween.

Before cutting a Box using cardstock, you must make certain that you set the Movers & Shapers “eat” die in the Matchvox base die. You can use any patterned paper that you wish, based on the theme you have in mind. Assemble the box by folding along the lines. Place a piece of patterned paper to show through the “eat” window that you’ve just designed, then attach a knotted ribbon or piece of twine to the box to use as a drawer pull. Decorate the box whichever way you like to make it more desirable.

One-of-a-Kind Pillow Boxes

Making use of your Big Shot tool along with the Fancy Pillow Box die that is included in the here omen Cook collection, creating pillow boxes will become much easier.

Using the die, you can create the Fancy Pillow Box shape. Fold along the creased line to assemble, then put the gift or treats inside. Secure it closed by folding over the flap, and then embellish them any way you like utilizing whatever you have on hand. Combine buttons or ribbons to give it the look you want.

DIY crafts are certainly an outstanding pastime; you’ll get more thrilled when the final project ends up the way you want it and when everyone loves it. With that, start with your crafting right now!

Great Craft Tips With Tim Holtz Dies

In the crafting world, Tim Holtz and his products carve a very good reputation. When speaking about a designer for a slew of numerous heavy hitters in the crafting industry like Sizzix, Ranger, and Stampers Anonymous, there is just one name that will certainly pop up and that is him. Rustic or vintage products are the products that he generally designed.

Actually, there are a lot of commendable things with regards to Tim Holtz and this include his revolutionary ink techniques and projects, his Tim Holtz dies and embossing folders, and his great contribution in making the most popular Sizzix Vagabond machine. Due to the lovely and innovative shapes that can also work with a few other die collections, his dies are the top options of numerous papercrafters and scapbookers. Due to this, far more projects may open up for your personal collection.

The Sizzix Vagabond machine is regarded as among the greatest die-cutting machines around. Its suitcase design makes it much more convenient for its users; furthermore, its functionality remains to be unmatched. It’s a sturdy machine also, weighing approximately 14 or so pounds, but also portable and motorized so it’s definitely simple to operate.

Tim Holtz dies are now made suitable to any Sizzix machine for Tim Holtz made the Vagabond Machine suited to some other machines. Therefore, users can absolutely improve their creativity.

With Tim Holtz distinct dies, there’s no doubt that you can show your lovely creations that will leave an impression to all your acquaintances. The Movers and Shapers collection is also well-known to crafters specifically for newbies since they can reuse the dies once more; and the best part is they can gradually begin their die collection. This collection presents a whole lot of basic shapes and frames which can be utilized for cards and scrapbooks.

If you believe you’re trapped with just papercrafting with Tim Holtz floral dies, then think once again. If you are a quilter or merely an ordinary individual who loves working together with fabrics, you can definitely take advantage of this. If you shop around and brainstorm for your following project; you would surely wind up thinking of several quilt projects like rustic cottage quilt, fun travel zip bag and a wristlet. But regardless of precisely what project you choose, you can make it a part of your irreplaceable collections.

No matter your crafting background, Tim Holtz dies and other products are the right inclusion to any crafter’s collection since they’re all so flexible and one of a kind. Once you find his wonderful designs, sure you can’t resist the desire to begin crafting. You can also utilize Tim Holtz blog and get acquainted with a whole lot of easy tutorials that teaches you exactly how to craft all of his brand new projects. There’s also a lot of neat holiday craft ideas seen on Pinterest.

Find what are finest items that could complete your crafting collection by just having a quick look on Tim Holtz dies, embossing folders and other products.

Diy Home Decor Crafts And Craft Ideas For The Christmas Season

Holidays are such a bliss for keen crafters who make an effort to make all new Sizzix diy home decor pieces as the Holiday time can give them inspiration to create great new decorations.

If you would like some suggestions for DIY home decor crafts and corresponding ideas, then you are in the right hands. So, find the right one now by reading below.


Wreaths – DIY wreaths are quite appropriate for this time of the year. Whenever you go to a craft shop you will find this item as the most innovative and attractive out of all. Making it is easy. All you ought to do is to grab a blank wreath wire frame, cover your preferred holiday ribbon or fabric all over the frame, use a holly leaf die and some festive cardstock or scrapbooking paper to be able to cut some leaf shapes, then place it to the wreath for an extra special 3D effect and there you have it – your simple and fast wreath.

Banners – This holiday will also not be complete without your preferred Christmas words. Having a great banner with holidays messages will really complete the feeling of the season. Simply by using a piece of embroidery floss, carry out the designing of words you desire on your banner by using stamps for your lettering. You could also utilize the die-cut triangle and scallop shapes from any holiday cardstock or Christmas scrapbooking paper. Isn’t that easy?

Ornaments – In and out of the home, a little more spark of beauty can be attained by utilizing various Christmas ornaments. You can add special adorns to your home’s décor by employing felt and stuffing or some good cardstock and embroidery floss for some great ornamental ornaments.

Shadow Box – If you want to show the holiday cheer by showing your favorite family photographs, then you can utilize a shadow box. Following getting things, just like a shadow box frame, family photos, festive cardstock and dies, ribbons, stamps and adhesive you can already use your own creativity to style your own shadow box. You can even make a family heirloom from it that can probably last for long.

Craft Ideas

DIY home decor for the holidays is fun for the entire family. All the family members will have fun by following some of these Christmas craft ideas.

Pop-up Christmas Cards – Christmas is not complete with out making Christmas cards. With that making them is definitely an exciting experience especially when you are creating 3D pop-up Christmas cards.

Little Santas – Switch on your recycling abilities and create little Santas from old toilet and towel rolls. Call your children to aid you in making it. You can teach them to glue the die-cut triangles for the hat, circles for the face and eyes, and the scallop for the beard altogether.

Candy Jar – Use materials such as ribbon, stamps, fun die shapes, cotton balls, or glitter and have your children make use of them in decorating an empty and blank candy jar.

Christmas Lanterns – Light up your life and home with Christmas lanterns made of attractive holiday paper. You will see the joy in your kids eye seeing their lanterns late while they stay up late waiting for Ol’ Saint Nick.

Easy Steps For Card Making

Are you about to give an awesome present for your loved ones throughout the holidays, but is still uncertain exactly what to present? Cardmaking is a unique way of making somebody feel special. It only requires a little of your time and it’s easy to do. You can either create this around 20 minutes or less based on the way how you enhance the card.

What Do You Need?

For this project the most important thing you need is whether pre scored blank card or card stock. The pre scored card is best for card making. This material can simply be folded. Pre folded cards also present you the actual measurements you should work with. You’ll also want some paper so you can give your card a bit more flair compared to just a blank card. It also lets you beautify the card’s background any style you wish. You’ll also want adornments to add whatever adornments you would like to make the card actually pop. The things which are simple to use are the silk flowers and design stickers, but you can only decide yourself.

What Are Good Things To Keep In Mind?

The important thing to always keep in mind is the one you are giving the card to. You ought to be conscious with regards to the color and designs they love that fits their personality. Numerous adornments that shows the receiver can be included in your card to boost its appearance. You must think of how you feel for them and look for a way to make them feel special. The aforesaid are just the things you must keep in mind in doing a card making.

The Way To Make The Card

The tips about this undertaking are the following. Making cards is not a challenging move to make, in fact it’s simple if you just adhere to all of the steps. The following are ways on how to make a birthday card.

• Creating The Card – Prepare the card and simply fold it in half, then, begin incorporating some strips of colored paper to make it much more fabolous.

• Make A Cover Page – If you want to utilize different colors of the birthday wishes that you wrote then, cut the letters out on the paper. Right after that have the letters and glue it to the page. It’s important to be careful and be watchful in gluing the letters so the glue won’t smear or smudge past the letters.

• Make The Inner Wishes – Start conveying your message in the inner right portion of your card. You can also add up something on the left side either a picture or any decoration.

• Finishing – Add any final touches you would like and wait a few momemts if anything must dry.

And just like that you have created your birthday card for someone you desired to do something great for.

Think Outside The Box In Making Christmas Crafts For The Holidays

If you’re searching for fun and simple Christmas crafts to create for the holidays then take a look at Brenda Walton’s new Christmas Collection of dies for Sizzix. Whether you’re planning to create a handmade card, decorations, or gifts, you can certainly do it beautifully using her latest collection of dies and embossing folders. Her world travels have motivated her that is why her newest collection has a European-country Christmas concept. For sure, you will get all the things that you need in order to spread the true spirit of Christmas.

It is totally possible to create Christmas holiday crafts that are distinctive and beautiful at the same time since this collection and her Favorite Things collection are compatible.

The following are some pointers that can help you in creating amazing Christmas crafts.

Country Cottage

If you are seeking an excellent center piece, then this holiday undertaking is the perfect choice. It doesn’t take complex steps in creating it; having a sophisticated European Country Cottage is achieved with ease by any crafter through a Bigz XL die.

The pieces of the Country Cottage are cut out using the die. It is advised that you use patterned paper and cardstock. Using a wood grain sort of papers is suggested if you would like to have a classic or woodland look. (Cutting the roof through its fold is essential and shouldn’t be overlooked.) Fold along the crease lines of the die-cut shapes to put together. Boost the appearance of the Cottage by embellishing it with copper trim, moss, and twigs.

Stocking Gift Card Holder

Gift cards and small treats are frequently given during Christmas that is why one of the best Christmas crafts that you can make is the gift card holder. Using a specific Sizzix die cutting, you can make a stunning Stocking Gift Card Holder, which is perfect for holding standard sized gift card. If you want you loved one to really feel special this Christmas, then this is the perfect gift.

You can simply Die-cut a Stocking Gift Card Holder from your Christmas cardstock and patterned paper. Before assembling the Gift Card Holder, emboss the cuff of the stocking using the embossing folder of your liking. Assemble the Stocking and embellish with whatever stickers, flowers, or details you like, then don’t forget to add a ribbon loop for hanging.


Fun Christmas crafts such as snowflake decorations for gift toppers and ornaments for the tree has never been simpler to design with the help of the Sizzix Bigz Die Snowflake Ornament. If you want some decorations that are easy to create your holiday party, then this one is perfect.

With Brenda Walton’s new Favorite Things collection, you can create simple but lovely Christmas crafts in a fashion that is fun and exciting. Happy Arts and Crafting!

How To Make A Gift Bag With Scrapbook Paper: Understand The Fast And Easy Ways Of Doing It

Did it ever cross your mind that making personal gifts can be possible with just one touch of a button. Creating a neat gift bag can be perfect for you particularly if you are the type who loves to give gifts and crafts. Continue reading the whole article in order for you to acquire information about making gift bag with scrapbook paper and have your friends and family feel astonished.

Making a paper gift bag that is ideal for any occasion and holidays can be done through the SizzixeClips Machine. Do you look forward to the upcoming birthday celebration of your special someone? Are wonderful party favors been searched by somebody you know that will be having a party in the near future? How about Halloween candy bags to hand out to those cute little trick or treaters? They’re faces are sure light up at the sight of a fun and spooky candy bag!

Below are the directions on how to craft an awesome gift bag in a fast and easy method using your SizzixeClips Machine

You have to first choose the specific cardstock or scrapbook paper to make use of. Stamps can be utilized in making a fun and simple design out from the paper you’ve selected and release the imaginative side of you.

After that, you then have to choose from the bags option if your Albums, Bags, Boxes eClips Cartridge loaded are all set. Scroll through the bags option to find the one that will match your event, after hitting okay, you have the option of selecting what size you would like.

If you have already picked the measurements that will suit the bag you intend to create, pressing cut is the next thing to do. The cutting of your bag’s shape will be done by your SizzixeClips. The only thing that you will be asked to do is to put adhesive and fold it. Very easy, isn’t it?

You can decide to have your paper gift bag embellished by putting tags or any other fun details to have your friends and family impressed.

Enjoy and come up with an amazing craft!

The Best Arts And Crafts Tips From The Pros

There are many projects that the entire family can enjoy. You just need basic knowledge and materials. After you’ve read this, you should have the knowledge you need. Then all that is left is deciding what future project is on the horizon.

Do you want to find a good place to purchase supplies? There are a lot of sites that give you great savings on your craft supplies. Look online to locate the best deals out there on crafting supplies. They even can provide free shipping in certain instances. Continue reading

How to Make a Birthday Card Using Sizzix Framelits

Do you love the feeling of having a beautiful handmade birthday card? If you are wondering how to make a birthday card how to help to make a birthday card utilizing Sizzix Framelits, this article will teach you how to do this.

Framelits are great in making awesome and also loveable birthday cards. Here’s how to get started: Continue reading

Sizzix Framelits and Spellbinders Nestabilities: What Sets them Away from Each Other?

Die cutting is both trouble-free and is so much enjoyable to do. You can create a bunch of exciting paper craft projects for any event simply by switching out and making use of various die templates. In relation to this, the following is a comparison of the two most in-style die templates these days, Sizzix Framelits and Spellbinders Nestabilities.

Although these die template lines equally cut paper with severe precision and with no trouble, there are quite a number of differences between Sizzix Framelits and Spellbinders Nestabilities.

When you observe them in the beginning, you would state that both items seem much the same because they both have a cutting edge and a lip. It is ironic that the two things they are similar on are also the two things which makes them uniquely different. Perhaps the greatest determinant of their differences is the cutting edge and also the lip of Sizzix Framelits. The lip extends out about a quarter to a third of an inch, and you can also see where you’re cutting mainly because its cutting edge is found on the inside edge of the die. The Spellbinders Nestabilities die template positions their cutting edge (the raised part) in the middle of the die with about an eighth or less of an inch on both sides so you’ve got the option of embossing and stenciling your graphic.

Sizzix Framelits

Sizzix Framelits can be found in various forms and choose designs are also available with coordinating stamps or even embossing folders for the most exact cuts around your stamped or embossed images. Additionally, there is no need for you to estimate the measurement of your perfect die cut with Sizzix Framelits simply because, as said previously, its cutting edge is located on the inside of the die, permitting you to view closely exactly where you are cutting.

Sizzix Framelits are well-suited with the platforms contained in the Big Shot, BIGkick and Vagabond die cutting machines. Making frames, stencil, and crop photos is easy, and 3D layering is also possible with the use of this template. The quickest and simplest way to create a paper craft project look like it is expertly made is through the use of the very versatile Sizzix Framelits die templates.

Spellbinders Nestabilities

The center of the Spellbinders line is the fundamental shapes and labels of Spellbinders Nestabilities. You could be inventive and utilize them either separately or nested jointly to create either the most amazing mats or to create lovely frames and shaped cards. And because the cutting edge of the Spellbinders Nestabilities can be seen on the center of the die, you can instead emboss rather than cut for more creativeness.

Spellbinders Nestabilities offers various groups of die templates that correspond with exactly what project you’re working on. The Card Creator die template is designed to create perfectly measured cards easily, which is perfect If you want to make an invitation card for a party. Labels or the decorative elements die templates are great if you are scrapbooking.

Check out this youtube video on the comparison between both.

The Best Things About Carts and Crafts

Creating crafts is not restricted to the four corners of the mind. With crafts, you can create whatever you want and allow others present their own meaning of your creations. Creating different crafts is also a great way of expressing yourself. Actually, with craft how you feel and ideas will be uncovered where people can reflect on them. Nonetheless, there’s more things to do with craft besides self-expression, it can be a good past time or can be a type of income.

You may see in most job fairs much specific type of crafts. You’ll be more noticed when the pieces you’ll present is not a carbon-copy by other makers or even artists. And through Sizzix big shot machine you could make an excellent craft. This machine have numerous multi-talented uses and is easy to use. This machine comes in the eye catching color of black and pink combination. This helpful machine is quite helpful and portable too. Big Shot Sizzix doesn’t only cater most of the dies of Sizzix and texture plates; it’s also applicable to most any other brand which has the size up to 6 inches in width. This machine is appropriate to any type of card stock or some other paper products as well as to any certain products. Just think about how many crafts you could make with the aid of this amazing machine.

When you made several types of craft pieces, a cart of the wide range would be very useful for you. Carts and crafts have the probability of being a great counterpart for each other. Making use of a travelling cart to carry all your crafts to craft trade events would be a big aid for you. Carts and crafts may also help you get interest from possible purchasers as it will create a well organized seller image of you to them. Carts and crafts isn’t solely aimed to provide income from making crafts. Hence, you must acquire a cart. The truth is, craft and carts are two things that should not be separated. With a cart, you can have convenience in transporting your items. In addition, with carts, your buyers can have ease in looking at your works and lure them to purchase your works. Because of carts and crafts you will be able to gain much more earnings.